International Relations and Negotiations, European Studies and European Negotiations, Central and Eastern Europe in the XXth Century International Relations, International Business Relations and Conflict Management.

Financial-banking expertise

2012- present Member of Transilvania Bank Administration Board, December 2009-present Consulting for Transilvania Bank, European programs financed with Structural Funds.


2012-present, Professor at “Babes-Bolyai” University (UBB), Department of European Studies; 2012-present, Director, Institute of European Research; 2011 – present, Ad Personam Jean Monnet Chair, UBB; 2009-present, Principal scientific researcher, “G. Bariţiu” Institute for History Romanian Academy Cluj-Napoca; 1998-2012, Director, Institute for International Studies, UBB, Cluj-Napoca; 2002-2009 Main scientific researcher, Institute of Political Sciences and International Relations, Romanian Academy, Bucharest; 2002-2007 Director of the Institute of Political Sciences and International Relations, Romanian Academy, Bucharest; 2000-present, Visiting Professor, IUISE-Gorizia-Trieste; 2000 – 2012, PHD coordinator in International Relations, Faculty of History and Philosophy, “Babes Bolyai University”, Cluj-Napoca; 1999 – 2000, Head of Journalism and Communication Training Centre, Cluj-Napoca; 1999 – 2012, Director of the MA Program in the International Management and European Affairs, UBB; 1995, Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration, UBB, Cluj-Napoca; 1995 – 2012, Professor of International Relations, Faculty of History and Philosophy, UBB; 1990 – 1991, Vice-dean, Faculty of History and Philosophy, UBB, Cluj-Napoca; 1990 – 1991, Co-Director, Democratic and Post-Communist Studies Center, UBB, Cluj-Napoca; 1979 – 1990, University Assistant, Faculty of History and Philosophy BBU, Cluj-Napoca; 1976-1979, Cultural instructor, Students House, Cluj-Napoca.


December 2008 – October 2009, Minister for European Affairs, Government of Romania; 2007, Member of European Parliament; 2010 – present, Founding member of the Association Cluj-Napoca 2020 – European Cultural Capital; 2009 – present, Member of the European Association for Sustainable Development, Cluj-Napoca; 2007 – present, Member of the European Movement; 2005 – 2008, Member of the Board, Carpathian Foundation; December 2004 – December 2008,Member ofRomanian Parliament; 2000 – 2004, Chief Negociator for Accession to EU, Minister delegate; 1992 – 1994, Minister Counsellor, DCM, Romanian Embassy, Washington D.C.; 1992 – 1994, Charge d’Affaires / Acting Ambassador(1993-1994); 1991 – 1992,Head of Romanian Cultural Center, New York.


“Eastern Journal of European Studies”, Centre for European Studies, Al. Ioan Cuza University (Iasi); Editorial Board, IUIES Journal(Gorizia); Editorial Board, ISIGJournal(Gorizia);Editor, International Politics and Diplomacy Collection, “Sincron” Publishing House, (Cluj-Napoca);“Central European Issues” (Bucharest );“Central European Political Science Review” (Budapest);Coordinator of “Politica “ Collection, “Dacia” Publishing House, (Cluj-Napoca);“Foreign Policy” Romania;“History Files” (Bucharest); Review of Political Studies and International Relations (Bucharest); ‘’Eurolimes” – Journal of the Institute for Euroregional Studies (Oradea).


2012: Prize “În rând cu Occidentul”, from Center of Promoting the Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development Field, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania; 2011: Prize for Representation of the “Babes-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca;2010: Prize for Representation of the “Babes-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca; 2010: “Realitatea TV” Excellence Trophy ,,10 for Romania’’, category Diplomacy, for negotiating the Accession Treaty of Romania to the European Union as well as for the entire academic, scientific and diplomatic activity; 2010: Doctor Honoris Causa, Oradea University; 2010: Excellence Prize for History, “Babes-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca;2010: Diploma of Excellence from the Romanian Academy for research in contemporary history; 2010: “Cluj Citizens Award”; 2010: “Transylvania Cross” awarded by the Archbishop of Cluj, Alba, Crisana and maramures, conferită de Mitropolia Clujului, Albei, Crişanei şi Maramureşului; 2009: Romanian Academy Award “Mihail Kogalniceanu” for the book România spre Uniunea Europeană. Negocierile de aderare (2000-2004), Iaşi, InstitutulEuropean,2007; 2009: “Ambasador” Prize of the Press; 2008: The “Comodius” prize, Babes – BolyaiUniversity, Cluj Napoca; 2007: TVR International Gala, Special prize for the contribution to the Romanian European Integration; 2005: Mass-Media Awards Gala, Special prize for the contribution to the RomanianEuropean Integration; 2005: “Diplomat of the year 2004”, (Nine O` Clock); 2003: “OSKAR” special prize for European integration – Capital; 2003: Lions Club of Cluj Napoca – ,, Certificate of Appreciation” – in appreciation of the invaluable services rendered for European Integration; 2002: Medal of Honour “Steaua Romaniei” (The Star of Romania) received from the President of Romania; 2002: “Who’s who” Award for achievement in the Field of International Relations